Frying Plantain

By Zalika Reid-Benta Recommend? yes! Buy or borrow? buy! “Last time she visited the neighbourhood, boys spotted a patch of pink lace and followed her for a block and a half. The attention was a twisted phenomenon. “ Zalika Reid-Benta – Frying Plantain Synopsis (Goodreads) Kara Davis is a girl caught in the middle — of … Continue reading Frying Plantain

Summer Darlings

By Brooke Lea Foster Recommend? yes! Buy or borrow? either or! “Look, not having a father, not having the kind of family you wanted, is one thing that happened to you. You shouldn’t let it define you that way. I never did.” Brooke Lea Foster – Summer Darlings Synopsis (Goodreads) In 1962, coed Heddy Winsome … Continue reading Summer Darlings


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